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Malaysia Haulage Exchange

We aim to enlighten and explain to the haulage and logistics industry how they can reduce costs and improve their profit margins. Not only that we will explain how transport companies can increase overall turnover by seamlessly exchanging transportation information on an innovative Haulage Exchange.

Hauliers, couriers, logistics companies and even manufacturers can all use a web based platform such as Transport4U Haulage Exchange to their financial benefit, what's more it is free to join and easy to use.

Malaysia Haulage Exchange

5 Reasons It Will Help You

  1. Advertise your empty vehicles and allow other transport companies or manufacturers fill that load.
  2. Help you to win larger contracts.
  3. Allow you to accept more work, if you cannot do it then advertise it on a haulage exchange and let someone else move it for you.
  4. Give you access to work on more specialised contracts such as hiabs, containers, curtain siders and flatbeds etc.....
  5. Network and collaborate with other hauliers to increase your turnover.

Empty backloads means dead miles, you cover your costs on the delivery journey but your vehicle must still make the return journey. So by advertising your return journey from say Pulau Pinang to Kuala Lumpur you give notification that you are available to carry a set load on the day of your return journey.

Smart operators and hauliers recognise this and do not request such a high price on the return journey, hey you've got to increase your profit margin and the best way is to give a small reduction on your usual fee.

This creates a win/win situation for everybody, you are happy because you just turned an empty truck journey you had to make anyway into a more profitable one. Your customer is happy because he got a slightly lower rate for his delivery.

So what are you waiting for?

It is free to sign up as a premium transporter on the first and only Haulage Exchange in Malaysia Transport4U.

Written by Administrator on Saturday November 21, 2015
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