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The Statistics Of Logistics Malaysia

Transport4U is here to carry articles, studies and research relating to everything about transport and logistics in Malaysia.
Although our main niche revolves around researching and publishing articles highlighting the benefits of using haulage exchanges we are very open to publish any interesting article pertaining to the transport and logistics sector.

We specialise in providing niche services and we're ready to talk.

We are not just limited to haulage and logistics research as we can also advise on branding, web design, SEO and improving your online web presence.

If you are interested in engaging our services or want to enquire how we can help then Send An Email To Juli, we will be happy to discuss your requirement.

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Guest Bloggers

If you are involved in the transport, haulage or logistics industry and you would like to use our platform to publish an industry related blog post we would be happy to hear from you.

Send Your Email Request To Juli and we will be happy to publish it.
The type of content we will publish for you must come into the following categories:

  • Opinion piece
  • Statistical article/opinion
  • Study
  • Research
  • Industry related article
  • MOT articles/commentaries
  • SPAD articles/commentaries

Articles that are pure advertorials for your company will not be published. It must include original content and not copied verbatum from your website or anywhere else on the web.
However, unbiased articles can use a subtle single (linkable) reference to your company website in the content.

All guest blogs will have an option to link back to their website or blog in a signature at the bottom of each page.

Please bear in mind we are a transport, haulage and logistics blog so we will only publish articles within this remit.

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