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Billion Ringgit Companies With Hundred Ringgit Websites

We have reviewed 20 Websites including some of the top transport and logistics players In Malaysia and the results were not good.

The focus of our review was on visitor usability, corporate branding, SEO and social media engagement. With mobile and tablets covering nearly 50% of internet browsing in Malaysia we were especially interested in this aspect of visitor usability.

Browsing statistics taken from Statcounter

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

Ambitious companies are constantly on the look out for growing their business and this involves acquiring new customers. A company website is an avenue for prospective customers to get a positive or negative impression of your business. As more and more people use search engines to find information it is imperative that every business creates a positive impression in every visitor that browses their website.

A university eye tracking internet study has revealed that it takes a web visitor two-tenths of a second to form a first impression and 2.6 seconds for the users eyes to focus on an area of a website that most reinforces their first impression.

Corporate Branding

Big Standing Small Branding

As competition intensifies to increase market share creating the right 'brand' impression online has never been more important.

A website is the first port of call of any prospective customer, it is the shop front that illustrates the company brand to the world.

A good first impression can capture the imagination whereas a negative first impression will see your visitor heading for the 'back' tab never to return.

As the trend of using mobile and tablets will very soon be in the majority for users browsing the web it has become imperative for business to recognise this trend and implement their strategy to cater for all online visitors to their websites.

The last thing a visitor wants to see is a 'content unavailable' notice because flash has been used on a website. Eleven of the websites we reviewed use flash with 2 sites being total flash websites and 19 of the sites were not mobile friendly.

I did not realise the transportation and logistics industry in Malaysia had neglected their online presence so much. Many of the websites we reviewed were created in the first decade of this century and it shows.

We created a matrix to give each site a rating covering visitor usability, corporate branding, SEO and social media engagement, we merely scratched the surface, if any transportation and logistic companies are interested in a more in depth report we would be happy to provide it upon request.

Browser type Malaysia may 2015 to october 2015

The List Of Transportation and Logistics Companies We Reviewed


ehutera screenshot

Eh Utara scored top marks and deservedly so because it was the only mobile friendly site we encountered conducting this study.

However there is still a lot of room for improvement. This is a single page website using anchor links to navigate to different parts of the page, these links are only available on the desktop version of the site and not on the mobile version.

The page 'title' contains 18 words which is too many and using 33 keywords is considered key word stuffing. The non www. version of the site redirects to the www. version which is good and although the site is mobile friendly it is not responsive.

The layout and design of the site is good although being a single page web site they are sacrificing the SEO possibilities of having more pages listed.

We found it interesting that Eh Utara were the only company we reviewed that had a blog, although it has not been active since 2012.

PKT Group

pkt group screenshot

I have a confession, Dato' Michael Tio was my inspiration to create this study into the online logistics industry in Malaysia. He posted on his Facebook a request to write a Google review on PKT Group, with Michael being a visionary in his approach to corporate social media I thought this was a great idea.

I believe Michael was referring to people who actually visited PKT head office and not their website, however with years of experience creating websites and advising companies on SEO and branding I thought it was a good idea to review the web presence of a leading light in Malaysian logistics.

I admit I was disappointed when I first looked at the PKT Group website as I expected a visionary CEO like Dato' Michael Tio would have a bang up to date mobile friendly site complete with open graph data to compliment the companys Facebook compulsory policy.

What I found was a website impossible to navigate on mobile because they use an inaccessible flash menu. On desktop the user experience was improved and they deliver their message in a very well presented non-complicated fashion

It was at this point I decided not to write the Google review although the idea stayed with me for a few days. It was then I thought that if an innovator in the transportation sector can have a dated website then how does it compare to the rest of the industry?

Lo and behold I began to wade through a sea of online mediocrity whereby the whole sector is crying out to be updated to satisfy the latest trends in web browsing technology in Malaysia.

As it turned out PKT Group came in at second on the list according to the testing matrix we created. I truly believe that if there is anyone in this sector prepared to improve it will be PKT Group as history shows they are innovators in a sector long starved of innovative thinking in Malaysia.

PKT Group review

Kontena Nasional

kontena nasional review

Although the Kontena Nasional site does not make the mistake of using flash there are a number of very basic mistakes that could very easily be rectified.

The key words and description promote the Joomla CMS, this was lazy of the web development team who designed the site not to change the default wording to the correct words that describe each page (this is a site wide issue).

Another big SEO mistake that has been overlooked is in not using the page title in the URL, also the non www. version of the site does not redirect to the www. version, it goes to a 'not available' page.

The text size is an additional issue where on mobile the user has to really zoom in to read it, on a desktop it also displays too small so affecting the usability for any potential customer.

Kontena Nasional have a cool looking logo and unlike many of the other companies in this study they also created a logo favicon. However, the usage of the large area of white space in the header could be better used to convey the company message and reinforce the company image.

kontena nasional review


century screenshot

Century have an excellent website to view via a desktop, their content is good and it is presented in a very readable and effective manner.

They have a sticky top menu that makes it easy to navigate this site and the long pages like services have a sticky anchor menu that make it a pleasure to navigate, on a desktop.

Viewing the site on a mobile device is not so pleasurable as it involves constant zooming in and horizontal scrolling. In the test matrix we created they scored poorly in SEO and because we were unable to detect any social media presence.

Online branding is consistent with the sticky top header keeping the logo firmly in sight, the use of imagery containing their logo is also good and the subtle use of good slogans in their full page width image rotator also impressed.

century screenshot


yinson screenshot

The Yinson website has a very corporate feel to it, their modus operandi seems to revolve around supplying investors easy access to information and they do this very well.

Viewing their site on a desktop it is easy to navigate and when you navigate to any of the top menu pages, once open, their respective sub menus appear on the left hand side of each page thus improving the usability.

Whoever did the SEO on the Yinson website did not study even the very basic SEO 101's available for all to read because they have used 6 H1 headlines when there should only be one H1 headline per web page.

The Yinson social media strategy offers no surprises as they rely solely on the professionals choice of LinkedIn, considering their offering of corporate information on their website it does seem to be a better fit than FaceBook.

I tried to contact Yinson to inform them of this review using the email address supplied on their 'contact us' page but the mail bounced back with the following error message '550 No such user here'. However I did successfully inform them via the form on their enquiry page.

yinson review


interway screenshot

The Interway website is a fairly simple site that serves the purpose of informing visitors the basic information Interway wants to share. As the screenshot above shows this site is not mobile friendly and for some reason they decided to create their logo using flash which means it cannot be viewed on a mobile device like my android phone.

A quick look at the SEO efforts put into this site reveal a catalogue of errors such as using a H1 headline with the word 'home', using 28 keywords which is considered key word stuffing and repeating the page description used on the home page on every page of their website.

Repeating the description adds no value whatsoever and another poor practice is using the Joomla favicon as opposed to creating their own inline with the company brand.

Looking at the photos on the Interway website I can see their logo prominent on their trucks and although it is a nice logo I cannot see in the photos it being backed up by the company name Interway.

The logo impresses upon me worldwide transportation because of the use of a globe with the letter 't'. However, my impression is their branding is neither persistent nor consistent and I feel their online branding and message could be improved.

interway review

Bintang Group

Bintang Group Screenshot

The Bintang Group website looks and feels like it was created in the post Y2K years with its hard to read small text and a 'this site is best viewed with 800 by 600 pixels and IE 6.0 and above' recommendation.

When it comes to browsers IE is one of the least popular for many good reasons, however not withstanding this I decided to look at the most popular screen resolutions currently being used in Malaysia.

screen resolution malaysia 2015

As suspected the 800x600 resolution no longer makes the cut.

The home page has recently been updated with some official announcements and pdf links but attention to detail was not present here as one of the 'additional charges' links go to a 404 page.

The Bintang Group website has a number of pages with empty content (awards, jobs & careers and news gallery). Also a 'press release' web page with links to 4 images of press stories in the year 2000, this is a mini walk down memory lane that serves no corporate or informational purpose, it is merely nostalgic.

SEO is not so good on the Bintang Group website but their designers had the good fortune to create this site before the 'flash' web epidemic that plagued the web circa 2004 onwards.

We could not detect any official presence on Twitter or Facebook but we did find a LinkedIn page complete with company name, Bintang logo and a link to the Bintang Group website. The strange thing is it is listed as an entertainment group with a Florida address! However, on further reading it is evident that this is not an official Bintang Group LinkedIn page but an automatically generated page created by LinkedIn.

Whilst this LinkedIn page has no association with the Actual Bintang Group it does raise the question of usage of their official logo, when I first visited this LinkedIn page my (incorrect) impression was it was purported to be their official page, whether purposely and maliciously or not. It was when I read the LinkedIn disclaimer I realised it bore no relation whatsover to the Bintang Group.

Social media conundrums apart, the Bintang Group website, online profile and branding is looking dated and is well overdue a freshen up.

bintang group review


multimodal screenshot

The MultiModal Freight website thankfully does not use flash so all elements can be displayed on a mobile device but with the subsequent zooming and horizontal scrolling it does not create good usability.

Usability is not that great on a desktop either with the text being too small and the whole site lacking any real insightful information on the company.

SEO is lacking with some basic errors including having the same page description on every page but worse than that it does not even promote MultiModal as it is describing a web template company, here's the full description; 'Business Template is a free css template provided by'.

Branding could be better as the company logo is too small and also somewhat pixelated and their 'We Deliver Your Trust' slogan could be presented better than a tickertape.

Also a logo should be a transparent PNG image that can be used on any contrasting background and not use a JPG logo with its own white background that does not blend into the design of the page.

We could not detect anything that looked like an official social media page.

I tried to contact MultiModal using their 'contact us' form but after writing and submitting my message the page went to a 'not found' 404 page which is not a good user experience.

multimodal review

Nationwide Express

nationwide express screenshot

Nationwide Express is another website that advises browsing with IE using a definitive resolution, in this case 1280x1024, we already post the most common screen resolution in the Bintang Group review and we can see that for a 12 month period up to October 2015 it showed that only 4.71% of surfers use this resolution (mobile excluded from this statistic, it's for desktop and tablet only).

On the .com version of their home page the rotating gallery hides the drop down menu because it is located too high and in front of the drop down. After clicking on either the gallery or logo it takes you to the .com/v2/index.cfm homepage where the rotating gallery is located in the correct position and does not obscure the drop down menu.

The Nationwide site carries a lot of useful information and its menus are easy to navigate, my main criticism is the text being too small on my 1368x768 laptop resolution (this is the most popular resolution with 36.64% of surfers using this size on their machine).

The header on each page includes good consistent branding utilising their logo and slogan 'A Promise Delivered' on top of an image subliminally suggesting confidence in Nationwides service to potential customers that visit their website.

Again this is another site that is neither mobile or SEO friendly and we could not detect any official active presence on social media.

nationwide express review

Tanjong Express

tanjong express screenshot

The Tanjong Express website is neatly laid out and looks to give basic information on the services they provide.

Much like many of the other websites reviewed it is not mobile friendly and the text size is too small on both desktop and mobile.

As with quite a few other sites already reviewed it uses Joomla CMS with no effort being put into SEO, as can be seen it scored very low in our basic SEO parameters included in our rating matrix created for this study.

One big SEO oversight is not using the page name in the URL, instead the URL reads straight from the CMS identification number but displays the same URL name on each page.

We were unable to successfully identify any official social media pages although a few unofficial ones were present on Facebook.

Utilising a Favicon as they have done is good online branding but they also have a good standout logo that has potential to be presented much better online.

tanjong express review


taipanco screenshot

Taipanco have a well structured site built to give information about the logistic services the company provides, there is also a portal for registered users to log in and utilise ROT & RFC forms (request transport and ready for collection).

Again SEO has been mostly overlooked in the Taipanco website although on the plus side they did utilise the page name in the URL.

The 3D logo of the words Taipanco is large and stands out although it is also slightly pixelated, just to the left there is a circle with 3 fff in it and I have no idea of the significance of this. It looks like it should be the logo but in the absence of any obvious association with Taipanco I am assuming it is not.

We were unable to detect any official social media activity for Taipanco and I could not find any contact email addresses on their website, only telephone, fax and office address.

taipanco review


konsortium screenshot

Looking at the Konsortium website on a mobile android device is to say the least underwhelming. The overuse of flash is self evident putting the usability experience in negative perception territory.

I have visited the Konsortium website on a number of occasions and every time the site took an extremely long time to load. I conducted a speedtest on Google developers Page Speed Insights tool but it timed out, a speedtest by GtMetrix also timed out so I tried a Pingdom Website Speed Test and that timed out after 60 seconds.

The webmaster looking after the Konsortium site really needs to look into this issue and identify if it is a server side issue or a web site slow loading problem.

The copyright at the bottom of the page suggests that this site could have been built in 2011 although the last recorded update was in April 2014. Whenever the site was built is of little consequence, however a poor user experience on both desktop and mobile is definitely something that should be rectified.

I tried to contact Konsortium using their online form but after submitting the form I received the following message:

"Form could not be processed due to the following errors: Unauthorized host: ''."

Malfunctioning forms add to the woeful user experience on the Konsortium website..

konsortium review


tasco screenshot

The Tasco website when viewed on a mobile device is not an inspiring experience because of the reliance on the outdated flash format to deliver their key message. This type of user experience will not deliver the online maxim of 'turning lookers into bookers' as to achieve any kind of interaction with your web visitors means giving them information that interests them, a large blank grey rectangle does not achieve this.

We use LinkChecker to test for broken links but this is limited to checking html, css & xml only it does not check flash links. At the bottom of the home page there is a 'Core Services' flash carousel that purportedly links to the services Tasco provide.

Unfortunately all 7 services go to 404 not found pages so these should be added to the total of broken links on the Tasco site. Broken links do not provide good usability.

The 'contact us' page lists down 5 email addresses that are all incorrectly coded, just by hovering over the email reveals the issue to the trained eye and clicking does not take you to your default email programme but to a 'not found' 404 page adding to the poor usability.

Tasco do not have to look very far to see what a forward looking logistics website looks like as their Global logistics partner Yusen Logistics has a fantastic mobile friendly and responsive site that is high on positive visitor perception regardless of what device they browse with.

tasco review


fmmalaysia screenshot

The curse of flash strikes again and the FmMalaysia website illustrates 3 important parts of their home page where flash is not supported on a mobile device. What is worse is the inaccessible bar at the top is where the websites main menu is located making many of their pages very inaccessible.

There is an image menu at the bottom of the page whereby all six of their service pages can be accessed, once a service page is open then a small services menu is available, however the rest of the website would only be accessible via the tiny sitemap link at the bottom of each page.

It would be a very committed visitor to use the sitemap after opening every page, it would be far better to rectify the mobile unfriendliness of the website and see if there is any improvement in the bounce rate.

The SEO efforts are also sadly lacking with every page carrying the exact same page title and their social media is not much better as we were unable to detect any official looking presence on the main social media sites apart from an unclaimed auto created page on LinkedIn.

On a desktop the FmMalaysia branding lacks an online cutting edge with both the logo and the company name being too small, to add to that a favicon is used that bears no resemblance to any of FmMalaysia branding.

Tiong Nam

Tiong Nam screenshot

With probably the largest fleet at their disposal Tiong Nam are a real heavyweight of the Malaysian logistics industry. Considering the vast offering of services at their disposal they take a minimalist approach to delivering this information online.

The structure of the page content is left wanting with all the services listed under 'Property Development' and the 'Services' page consisting of an unimpressive carousel menu with links to the services they provide.

From a SEO perspective Tiong Nam have at least utilised the page name correctly by including the keyword for each page in the URL, many of the other sites reviewed failed to do this basic SEO trick. Their SEO efforts took a nosedive after that with many of the basic metrics scoring low on our rating matrix.

Every SEO guru knows that external links into your website improves ranking in Googles algorithms and on Tiong Nams LinkedIn page there is a link for their website that does not point at their website, this is a very basic error.

On the social media front Tiong Nam use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts have been inactive since 2011 and it looks like they chose the most unimaginative person on their payroll to venture into the TwitterSphere.

Tiong Nam on Twitter

There is a link for a dual language Chinese and English language version of their website but it does not function and English is the only language version available.

From a branding perspective Tiong Nam have a really cool looking logo and a slogan stating 'You Call, We Deliver' located at the top of every page. The effect of this slogan is completely lost due to its small size and ineffectual prominence. They have also missed a branding trick by not using their great logo as a favicon.

The end of this report will read an understating 'could do better' without even mentioning their website is another one that is not mobile friendly.

Tiong Nam Review

Gerimis Baiduri

gerimis baiduri screenshot

Gerimis Baiduri are one of the largest cold transportation specialists in Malaysia but if you visit their website with an android mobile device then you are given the cold shoulder as you are welcomed by a large grey rectangle stating plug in not supported.

The ironic thing about this is all the other pages display a fixed image that can be viewed, if the home page flash were just replaced by a normal image it would greatly improve the usability of the site.

The Gerimis Baiduri website is a 6 page site using simple html with css embedded. The information it shares is basic and the layout of the content is not presented well, especially on the services page.

SEO is very poor with the same page title used on every page of the website, one saving grace is they use the page name in each pages URL.

I like the Gerimis Baiduri logo but they should add to the branding by creating a favicon for the site as well.

We could find no evidence of any official social media activity, but I do think that some creative thinking could offer up some interesting opportunities on twitter for a cold transportation specialist. It would be easy to play on many ice, snow and frost analogies inside the 140 character limit.

gerimis baiduri review


transway screenshot

First impressions of Transways website on a desktop is one of clutter with information overload. Second impression on a desktop is one of frustration as you end up scrolling up and down turning off all the videos that play simultaneously.

Transways have 3 videos all loading at the same time, so if you visit another page and return to the home page you are forced to listen to them again. Websites should not dictate how a potential customer sets their computer up but on this site you are forced to turn the sound off.

Transways should think about a factory office looking for a logistics provider, if head of procurement visits the Transways site the whole office would have to put up with the sound of these videos until he had time to either switch them off, switch the sound off or hit the back button.

If a company is interested in B2B working relationships they will instantly kill curiosity in their company if a potential customer happens to visit their site. Sound and automatic playing videos is an absolute NO if you want to 'sell' your company image or profile to interested parties.

Interestingly enough, although their site is not mobile friendly they use flash videos so you do not suffer 'attack of the 3 videos' on a mobile device.

It is difficult to distinguish what Transways logo is and their Favicon bears no resemblance to any image I can see on their website so their branding strategy is sadly lacking. Transways are however very active on Facebook which is good.

I could find no online form or any email address listings to contact the Malaysian Transways team to inform them of this review.

transway review


bersatu screenshot

The Bersatu website is another that is unfriendly to mobile devices with the heavy use of flash, the user experience is further diminished by the main menu also being an unusable flash menu.

It is possible to visit the services page from a text menu on the right hand side of the home page so some of their pages are accessible on a mobile, but there is no visible site map to navigate the rest of their site.

There are many SEO sins on this website with the page title being shared by every page and the URL never changing when navigating through the website.

Bersatu's branding leaves a lot to be desired also with the most prominent position for the logo being occupied by a brandless revolving earth that serves no purpose other than frivolity.

The Bersatu logo should be given more prominence next to the 'One Stop Logistic Centre' which is a perfectly good message that should be associated with the logo.

While on the subject of branding, Bersatu have a perfectly good slogan tucked away at the foot of their 'About Us' page, this should be incorporated into a new header designed to deliver a strong message promoting the logistics capability of Bersatu.

'Any Time, Any Where, Any Cargo' is a good slogan that could easily be transformed into delivering the desired subliminal message (if) given a perfectly associated image. Imagination in the creative department is all that is required.

An attempt to contact Bersatu Group via their online form failed with the following message:

'The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Authentication required'.

The same 'contact us' page also listed email addresses so I was able to contact them via email, however, a malfunctioning form does not yield a good user experience.

bersatu review


freightmark screenshot

The Freightmark website has an 'enter site' introduction page with an image but no content, to view the actual website you have to click on the link to enter only to be greeted by a big grey rectangle.

freightmark landing page

Above the Freightmark 'click to enter' page that entices you to enter with a pretty picture. Click to enter pages have long ago been derided as a total waste of a home page URL. The home page is the first port of call for spiders crawling your site so it is not good to have zero company information and no links menu to the rest of the site.

Googles algorithms have improved over the years and they can crawl flash sites, but you very rarely see a flash site competing with its non flash peers on a shared competitive keyword search.

So the user experience is very bad on the Freightmark flash website, however, I noticed something very odd in Google search for the term 'Freight Mark'.

freightmark in google search

Click on the Freight Mark Express takes you to an html site parked under the URL. It is obvious that the same company owns both the flash and html versions of these sites but what is not obvious is if they are two different parts of the same company or one and the same.

As the html version has the added word 'Express' my impression is they are separate entities under the same parent company. Does this confuse me? Yes, and looking at the search results listed in Google it would appear they are confused too.

freightmark express

I'm really unsure what the Freightmark online strategy is, it certainly looks like they did not seek professional advice on brand building and their SEO. The flash site has no links going to the 'Express' html site and on the 'Express' site I found the 'copyright freightmark 2013' to be the only link to the flash site. In the site map of the Express site it does not list the flash site in any of its links.

For the presence of clarity this review is about the flash site, I didn't realise what a tin of worms I was opening when I had a peek at the Freightmark site, I could probably write a thesis on my perceived ills and wrongs of both sites and their online strategy

freightmark review


premierpath screenshot

As mobile devices become more pervasive and soon to become the device of choice for the majority in Malaysia it raises the question why would any company choose to create a new or maintain an existing flash website but ignore the fact that the majority of their visitors cannot see their content?

When talking about corporate online strategies I sometimes get the impression many boardroom level people see a website as something they must have but reluctant to explore or invest in the possibilities it could exploit for them.

Any company that maintains a total flash website is automatically leaving behind up to 50% of their online visitors. Having an online presence is a necessity for all business, however it would seem that extracting the value out of that online presence is the neglected part.

Premierpath have a total flash website that is completely mobile unfriendly, this is no longer the dawn of the mobile era as mobile is in the process of becoming the browser of choice to surf the internet.

If ever there was a case study to emphasise this fact this is it, I just hope someone from Premierpath has the foresight to take heed and look into updating their website in line with modern day browsing patterns and give it a competitive edge with professional SEO.

I tried to contact PremierPath to inform them of this review using the email address supplied on their 'contact us' page but I received a 'return message to sender' email with a 550 response code ('550 No such user here').

premierpath review

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