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The Cheapest Way Is From B to A, Thinking Outside The Logistics Box

Everybody talks about the fastest or cheapest route from A to B but you never seem to hear about the fastest or cheapest route from B to A.

B to A is the most neglected and unsung route in logistics yet for every A to B delivery there has to be a B to A return journey for each and every lorry.

One haulier described to me a regular B to A journey as leaving enough space to play a game of football in the back of his trailer on a weekly basis.

Transport4U has already done detailed research on the empty backload dilemma facing Malaysia so we are acutely aware of how big a problem this actually is and more importantly the type of haulier affected by this.

The Cheapest Way Is From B to A, Thinking Outside The Logistics Box

It will come as no surprise to industry insiders that the larger players seldom suffer from the empty backload dilemma, the reason being their modus operandi focuses on sending trucks with guaranteed backload from one of their outstation depots and when they are unable to secure a back load for their own lorry they then offer the work to a smaller haulier.

As Transport4U has stated before this does nothing to solve B to A empty back hauling it just passes the problem onto a smaller player with less resources to deal with it. One should not underestimate the use of contract hauliers in the Malaysian logistics industry because it is staggeringly large.

Because of this there are thousands of empty return load lorrys running on Malaysian roads every day.

Thinking outside the logistics box then B to A transportation is where the value is at for the smart and savvy forwarders, manufacturers, wholesalers and warehouses in Malaysia.

If you look at the map illustration you may think that this only affects central based hauliers, this is not the case. Klang port and KLIA suck in manufactured goods from all over Malaysia, an empty B to A lorry run is just as likely to affect a haulier from Penang, Johor, Kuantan or Kota Bharu as it is to affect a Selangor based haulier.

The illustration shows a one direction B to A scenario, it could just as easily be reversed.

Discussing transportation from A to B may still hog the limelight but there is a growing group of smart manufacturers, warehouses, forwarders and wholesalers who are realising they can get 'More Bang For Their Buck When They Put It In An Empty Truck'.

As for the hauliers facing the empty truck dilemma every day, they would like nothing more than to find goods to transport on their journey from B to A, even if it is to just cover the costs of diesel and tolls.

There is a growing list of hauliers who are posting their empty return load lorries on haulage exchanges looking to find goods to place in their lorry for the return journey.

The opportunities are growing for smart logisticians looking to get discounted rates on the B to A journey of Malaysian hauliers.

Written by Administrator on Friday February 26, 2016
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