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Website Relaunch Announcement

Relaunch: Transport4U Website Has A Fresh New Look

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Transport4u website. It is now presented in a fresh design, and provides comprehensive information on the features available for all to use on our website.

What's New?

Simplified Menu Structure

The main navigation now only contains six menu items and is sticky at the top of a desktop or laptop. The clear structure increases the ease of use, and therefore allows to access content much faster. The mobile menu (available also on desktop) is also sticky at the top of the screen and contains links to all pages on the site.

100 shipping searches vs Transport4u

Fresh Design

With the new design, the Transport4u website incorporates consistent branding and showcases many new graphics designed specifically for the Transport4u core services. Some of our new graphics are displayed on this page.

networking empty backloads in Malaysia

State-of-the-Art Technology

In addition to updated content and visual optimizations, the website also underwent technological changes. It is now a fully compliant HTML5 website that is mobile friendly and was specifically modified by our in house team. Transport4u runs on Modx, the world's most versatile content management system.

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MIGXDB is used to record and store data, BLOX for data retrieval and TableSorter for data display.
TableSorter comes with instantaneous search and filter functionality so it is easy to search for collection or delivery location or collection date.
We have tested with up to 1000 entries without loading issues.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map now has its own dedicated web page, technically it uses a mix of javascript and Php. It is the only map of its kind within the logistics sector in Malaysia and customers can zoom into their own area and search for hauliers local to where they live or work.

interactive lorry hire map malaysia

What Makes Transport4u Different?

The key differentiator with Transport4u and other companies is our focus on empty backloads. This has became one of our core activities and we plan to expand this to service the needs of the Malaysian logistics industry.

find empty trucks to carry your goods

Social Media

Social Media share buttons have been added to the site to make it easier for visitors to share a page they like. A Facebook feed has been added to the site so after an empty backload has been posted it will also display on our Facebook feed. Anything posted on our Facebook account is automatically tweeted to our Twitter account.

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We hope you find the new website easier to access the information you want and it is our wish to establish Transport4u as the foremost online source for finding haulier services.

If you have any questions or feedback please use the comments section below.

Juli Mohamad
Managing Director

Written by Administrator on Sunday February 21, 2016
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