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How To Solve The Empty Truck Dilemma In Malaysia

We have exposed some alarming facts about the Malaysian logistics industry; In a recent back load study 77% of trucks were found to be driving empty on Malaysian roads. We have revealed who, how and why in the fully published research results. Discover why every Malaysian should be concerned at these results and how this issue involving 1000's of trucks can be resolved.

Written by Administrator on Monday January 12, 2015
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Competition The Key To Delivering Value To Customers In Logistics Industry

One of the objectives of the Transport4U Freight Exchange is to create competition to achieve benefits for businesses, consumers and the economy. Extolling the virtues of competition in Malaysia by using freight exchanges not only delivers value to customers it can actually increase profits for hauliers and logistic companies.

Written by Administrator on Friday October 3, 2014
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Billion Ringgit Companies With Hundred Ringgit Websites

We have reviewed 20 Websites including some of the top transport and logistics players In Malaysia and the results were not good.

The focus of our review was on visitor usability, corporate branding, SEO and social media engagement. With mobile and tablets covering nearly 50% of internet browsing in Malaysia we were especially interested in this aspect of visitor usability.

Browsing statistics taken from Statcounter

Written by Administrator on Tuesday November 10, 2015
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Website Relaunch Announcement

Relaunch: Transport4U Website Has A Fresh New Look

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Transport4u website. It is now presented in a fresh design, and provides comprehensive information on the features available for all to use on our website.

Written by Administrator on Sunday February 21, 2016
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The Cheapest Way Is From B to A, Thinking Outside The Logistics Box

Everybody talks about the fastest or cheapest route from A to B but you never seem to hear about the fastest or cheapest route from B to A.

B to A is the most neglected and unsung route in logistics yet for every A to B delivery there has to be a B to A return journey for each and every lorry.

Written by Administrator on Friday February 26, 2016
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If Inspiration Could Be Tapped

You never know when it will hit you, but when it does you know you must act straight away. So at 4.05am I got up and by 8.00am I scribed a new blog post complete with newly created original graphics under the same name and published it to the Transport4U blog.

Written by Administrator on Sunday February 28, 2016
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