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Transport4U is here to carry articles, studies and research relating to everything about transport and logistics in Malaysia.
Although our main niche revolves around researching and publishing articles highlighting the benefits of using haulage exchanges we are very open to publish any interesting article pertaining to the transport and logistics sector.

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Exploding The Lorry Driver Shortage Myth In Malaysia

The unnoticed 'elephant in the room' of lorry driver shortages in Malaysia is the inefficient running of empty lorries on any given day reducing the number of lorry drivers available to work. For years journalists have …

Calculate The Volume Of GHG Emissions Saved

Reducing the kilometers driven by lorries without impacting the volume of goods delivered; Achieve this and everybody wins. For every lorry that delivers goods from say Kuala Lumpur to Johor that does not have return lo…

If Inspiration Could Be Tapped

You never know when it will hit you, but when it does you know you must act straight away. So at 4.05am I got up and by 8.00am I scribed a new blog post complete with newly created original graphics under the same name …

Website Relaunch Announcement

Relaunch: Transport4U Website Has A Fresh New Look We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Transport4u website. It is now presented in a fresh design, and provides comprehensive information on the features av…

How To Solve The Empty Truck Dilemma In Malaysia

We have exposed some alarming facts about the Malaysian logistics industry; In a recent back load study 77% of trucks were found to be driving empty on Malaysian roads. We have revealed who, how and why in the fully pub…