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I want to move house, why am I staring at streetlamps and trees? During three house moves in as many years I found obtaining transportation quotes to be quite an archaic process and an expensive one at that.

Hi, My name is Juli Mohamad and I am the owner of this blog and the Transport4U Freight Exchange.

Juli Paul Transport4U OwnerAlthough originally from Melaka my journey has taken me to live in Penang before I eventually moved to Puchong where I now reside.

During my first move I asked a friend if they could recommend anyone to help move my belongings. This worked but i felt obliged to accept the quote because it was facilitated by my friend.

My second move I chose to use classified advertisements, this again worked but all the quotes were expensive. I couldn't help but think there must be a better way to secure good transportation of your goods.

I Want To Move House, Why Am I Staring At Streetlamps and Trees?

Before my third move I decided to walk around my area and write down Lori Sewa numbers posted to streetlamps and trees.

While in the process of doing this I could not help but think that this is 2013 and the internet is now mature in Malaysia.

So why was I walking down the street jotting down telephone numbers that were pinned to trees and stuck on lamp posts?

I called a few of these guys but I was not over enamoured with any of them, however I had to move so I eventually I chose the transporter who left me with the best impression during our telephone conversations.

However this transporter turned up late when I had specifically informed them of the importance of a timely collection because of strict rules concerning the hours where transport lorries were allowed into the housing estate.

It got worse, this transporter did not take due care and consideration when handling my furniture and boxes clearly marked delicate.

To state that I was not impressed with this delivery company would be an understatement.

Lessons Learned

  • Try to get multiple quotes.
  • Try to create competition between truckers.
  • Make all your quotations known to all sewa lori people bidding for your work.
  • Try to get references.

My Transportation Experience Is My Inspiration

Looking at how people search and find transport companies got me thinking and my first thought was to create a directory listing all transport providers in Malaysia. However, this would not provide a platform whereby people wanting their goods transported could read actual customer feedback on the transporters. My opinion was customer feedback on transport providers was critical in amassing any kind of database. So I arranged a brainstorming session with some close friends and it was here that it emerged that freight exchanges in the transport sector are both common and successful in Europe and North America.

From this meeting the concept of Transport4U was borne and we then went on a six month research campaign studying what worked in overseas markets and comparing that to the Malaysian market.

This is a new concept in Malaysia and the importance of the Transport4U service to gain traction and grow its customer base far outweighs the need to make money from it. At the point of launching we are committed to try to keep this as a free to use service for all, so for now, it is freely available to use, so why not make the most of it?

Written by Administrator on Monday July 14, 2014
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